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22nd September ~ September days

16th September ~ Perfect weather this morning – cool and drizzly. Not too hot! Yesterday was very hot again and uncomfortable to work in. More cutting back and down and weeding. Compost heaps are overflowing. I need to work out a better system for organising and emptying them. Perhaps collecting material in a pile and adding gradually layered with grass clippings.

17th September ~ The works has slipped seamlessly into Autumn tasks which are important but there is plenty of time to complete them. The urgency of summer is over where it is a constant round of planting, cutting and watering.

18th September ~ September days. Hot and sunny then chilly in the mornings and evenings.

20th September ~ A very satisfying hour of reclaiming some of the cutting beds. Weeds have taken over in many places where the plants have finished. The soil is loose and dry and the weeds come out easily.

Discovered a little forest of Lagurus ovatus – Bunny Tails – germinating. It is a hardy annual so I am hopeful that these will over winter well and flower early next year. There are also multitudes of Briza.

Swarm of bees in the poly tunnel. They buzzed around then settled for the night on the supports and on the flowers.

21st September ~ Beginning to sort out seeds, seedlings and greenhouse. I need room in the greenhouse for all the pots of seeds. I’d left some trays of sown seeds on the floor of the greenhouse due to lack of bench space. They now have cat footprints in them. Hopefully will still germinate. Many things need to be potted on or be planted out and that will make room for the new seedlings. Keep up with the pricking out.

22nd ~ Family party ~ Bees still resident.

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