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15th September ~ Autumn tasks

9th September ~ I made a few wreath bases from twisted stems. These can be covered with moss or straw or used as they are with foliage tied on.

10th September ~ Beginning the Autumn change around. Many plants are flopping, crushing and squeezing out smaller plants around them. I know I plant too densely so I’ll try and make a space around each plant for it to expand into. Weeding, cutting down and thinning out in the front border today. There is a long way to go but it’s a start.

11th September ~ Some of the seeds sown last week are starting to germintate.

12th September ~ First sweep of the Autumn leaves. The Birch tree is always the first to shed leaves, in fact it sheds all year and also spreads thousands of tiny seeds in every pot and on every bed. It’s surpising that we don’t have a forest.

13th September ~ A busy day of wedding flowers. Buttonholes and corsages in a white and burgundy colour scheme. Aching hands but they looked good.

14th September ~ very little achieved in the way of gardening. Recently, since it became cooler, I’ve become relaxed about watering and now everything in the tunnel and greenhouse needs water and some of it needs staking. We are having hot days again.

15th September ~ A satisfying day of weeding and clearing spaces between plants. I swear things have doubled in size during the last month. We had all the hot weather when they struggled to stay alive but since it’s been raining they have made the most of the warm temperatures and damp soil. It’s a good time of year to be cutting back and moving things around. Some plants will now put on new growth before winter and make a mat of green.

Beech nuts all over the ground under the beech tree. I wonder if we will have an invasion of Squirrels. I don’t remember seeing so many before.

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