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Funeral Flowers Shepton Mallet

Funeral flowers

It’s important to me to make beautiful funeral arrangements. I deliver natural funeral flowers in the Shepton Mallet and Frome area. That it’s a difficult time for people, goes without saying but flowers can help a little. Some families come with firm idea of what they want. Something pink as the person’s favourite colour was …...
Weeds on the plot


Keeping on top of weeds. I admit I don’t mind weeding but of course it’s easy for the weeds to take over and the job becomes huge and demoralising rather than an hour of gently teasing them out. There are ways to help keep weeds at bay. 1 ~ Try not to let them seed. …...
Spring seedlings

Organising seeds

Organising seeds. I knew I had a lot of seeds but didn’t realise quite how many until I started sorting them out. I recently spent a while looking for some Sweet Peas seeds. It turned out I’d already sown them (and they are doing very nicely, thank you). That highlighted that I needed a better …...
Group of terracotta pots with muscari bulbs

Something to look forward to.

  Bulbs are so important in the Spring garden. They give us colour and scent starting in the darkest days of winter and going right through until May. Who doesn’t love a Snowdrop poking it’s green shoots through and then showing it’s gently nodding head. Looking fragile but so tough. This year it seems more …...
Creamy Chrysanthemums

3rd November – Planting and clearing.

28th October ~ A dramatic change in the weather means cold feet and hands while working outside. Very low overnight temperatures but the dahlias seem to have survived so far. The sun barely made it out today so little warmth. Good progress in clearing weeds from Annie’s bed. Resowing a few seeds of things which …...

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