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6th October ~ October Jobs

30th September ~ How?

Clearing out the poly tunnel begins with removing some Cosmos. They have just started to get mildew.

Collecting large amount of straw and manure in small car from local stable. Now where to put it. Plan is to lay over empty beds but none are empty yet.

1st October ~ Last week a local bee keeper brought a box containing frames and sugar syrup hoping the poly tunnel bees would go into it. Sadly they didn’t. There are a few left sitting on flowers but they have mostly died. We still don’t know why they swarmed, there didn’t seem to be a queen, or why they failed to inhabit the cosy box with food.

2nd October ~ Chilly over night but not yet a frost. Dahlias are looking very sad with the huge amount of rain we have had. There are more buds so perhaps a few more flowers to enjoy.

3rd October ~ Clearing a part of one cutting bed. Took out Malope and Asters. The Asters suffered in the rain at the end of September and though deadheaded, did not recover. It would be good to grow more inside next year and perhaps they would last longer. I have my eye on a pink one.

4th October ~ Planting lettuces in the poly tunnel. A plan for winter and spring is needed to organise the planting. Moved Craspedia inside and moved Jacobea maritima ‘Silver Dust’ alongside them. This creates an area of permanent planting with Chocolate Cosmos and the other Dusty Miller.

5th October ~ Little progress. Managed a small amount of pricking out. Daucus – tiny seedlings, I doubt they can go out this year. Some of this years plants succumbed to wind rock or carrot fly. They need to be well established with good roots. Later plantings were better and the inside ones were too tall.

6th October ~ Getting stuck into bulb planting today. While planning to plant Narcissus, discovered that the tulips stored in the old freezer were going slightly mouldy so removed them. Some Narcissus planted in a trench. Hyacinths in trough by drive. Fritillaries and Camassia in trays as the space not ready to plant them yet. Dry and warm day after a very wet week. Some bulbs to go in long grass at front so care will be need to get them established.

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