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July 2018

I wasn’t sure I would ever show this picture.

A good start to for our plants

This was how we started early in the year. Now that buckets of blooms have been  harvested from here I can show it.

We removed the turf and dug it over. I follow the ‘no-dig’ method of gardening but it was necessary to dig over to begin with to remove weeds and loosen the soil which had been compacted. This bed is now divided in two with a path up the middle.

Seedlings went in and, as usual, I wondered how these tiny things would ever produce flowers.

Seedlings at Floral Acre

Many of them are now waist high and flowering their hearts out.

Midsummer flowers at Floral Acre

Here are a few current highlights.

Ammi majus


Cosmos ‘Cupcakes’


Dahlia ‘Cafe au Lait’

The challenging year goes on but the rewards are enormous and I love being able to work here every day.

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