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Zinnia 'Queen Red Lime'

August 2018 – Zinnias

There is no denying it has been hot and while many plants are struggling some are thriving – Zinnias.

I certainly spend a lot of time watering. It’s time consuming as there is so much to do but it has to be done carefully too. The ground is so dry that water drains away from the plant if you water too quickly. When planting I try to make a shallow depression around a plant so water will drain towards it rather than away. It is best to use a rose on your watering can,  as it sprinkles water gently without disturbing the soil around the roots. I pour on a small amount, let it soak in and then gradually add more. The rule is give what you think is enough and then some more.

August in the poly tunnel – Floral Acre

The poly tunnel is full to bursting just now. There is also a rogue at the centre which grew itself.

An amaranthus getting too big for it’s boots. It will have to come out.

The Zinnias are loving the heat and thriving. I love this little gentle pink one:

Some of the colours are not so gentle:

I’m not sure about that pink…

This one is unusual but the combination is very pretty:

But for me the real star is ‘Queen Red Lime’:

They look great in bouquets and last for ages in water.

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