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4th August ~ Wasps and compost

28th July. 9pm weeding outside in the perfect temperature. Weeds come out easily as it is dry, dry, dry.

29th July Deadheading snap dragons. They are getting rust.

30th July 7.30 am enjoying a cup of tea while listening to rain. First time in weeks I haven’t had to start outside early before the temperatures soar.

—————3pm Trapped in the poly tunnel with no coat as rain beats down. Managed to do plenty of jobs which have been piling up when is was too hot to go in. Satisfying.

31st July Motto for next year is ‘Plant then stake immediately’. No exceptions

1st August Many interruptions, little progress.

2nd August Weeding in cutting beds. So very dry that perennials are suffering from that and being swamped by weeds. Adding compost and mulching are very important if we are to have these dry summers. Any rain we have had has been burnt of by the high temperatures.

3rd August Found a wasps nest in a compost heap while trying to turn it. Bone dry in the centre of the heap. Will have to leave it now until Autumn and the wasps have left. Strimmed the long grass in the middle area where we hope to establish wild flowers. Far too late, really, most of the seed had already dropped and have now spread the rest all around. Will cover some of it over winter to reduce grass ready for planting.

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