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Organising seeds

Organising seeds. I knew I had a lot of seeds but didn’t realise quite how many until I started sorting them out.

I recently spent a while looking for some Sweet Peas seeds. It turned out I’d already sown them (and they are doing very nicely, thank you). That highlighted that I needed a better system for organising them.

It turned out I have over 300 and that is not including saved seeds which may add another 100, but does include vegetables. Yep, seed addict.

I’m trying out airtable.com as a spreadsheet system.

I now have all the packets numbered, sorted into alphabetical sections in my boxes and listed on a spreadsheet. They are also divided into flowers and vegetables. The spreadsheet allows for pictures so most of the entries have photos of the packets which will also help. The ability to cross reference is important for finding them and making sure they are all listed.

Hours spent organising seeds is well spent and will hopefully save time later. Seeds are sown here most weeks and in spring there will be dozens of pots and trays with seeds and seedlings at different stages – sown, germinating, pricked out and then later potted on and planted out.

It’s still too early to start really though I have sown a few. Especially this year, we need things to look forward too. A few things do benefit from a long growing season though most will find it too dark and cold just now even kept on a warm windowsill. Sweet peas are one that you can start and also Chili peppers.

Now that I have organised the seeds, next up will be a sowing plan.


Sweet peas seeds germinating

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