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Carthamis tinctorius seeds germinating.

February 2019 – it’s all about seeds

During winter on the flower farm, it’s all about planning for a succession of flowers through the year. From the middle of February we can start sowing seeds, cautiously at first as, here, it’s still a long way to the last frost date. That’s the date that it’s safe to plant out tender plants. Half hardy annuals shouldn’t be started off yet, it’s important to be patient and wait a few weeks.

A few things can be sown earlier. These are a second sowing of sweet peas. Despite their delicate look, they are tough.

Sweet pea 'Just Jenny'
Sweet Pea seedlings

Some hardy annuals seeds were sown in Autumn and they are looking good now. As long as they get the right amount of light and water they will continue to grow slowly, ready to take off as the weather warms and the days lengthen.

Overwintered Helichrysum seedlings
Helichrysum – seed sown in Autumn

Everyone knows that weeds start growing first but eagle eyes will notice self seeders start to pop up too. Not much is sown direct here but if Mother Nature wants to help we can’t complain. She does a better job anyway.

Self sown Buplerum

Hardy annuals seeds can be sown now. A little bit of warmth and good light will help them along. The aim is for strong, little plants growing slowly and steadily. If they don’t get enough light they will get too tall and weak.

Not much makes me happier than an little pot of seedlings enthusiastically bursting out of their seed coats.

Carthamis tinctorius seedlings germinating.
Carthamus tinctorius

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