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Gold at Chelsea!

Huge congratulations to the Flowers From the Farm team who totally nailed it at Chelsea!


First exhibit – Gold Medal. All those sleepless nights suddenly become worthwhile. It’s an amazing story of an idea turned into reality with the help of nearly a hundred small flower farmers around the country who contributed flowers and transported them to London.

Here is the stand in all it’s British flowery glory.










Watch out for BBC coverage on Wednesday night at 7pm on BBC1.


We’re going to Chelsea

That’s the flowers, not me sadly. These flowers are on their way to join many more from all over the country for our Flowers From The Farm exhibit.

What started as a germ of an idea has turned into a feat of planning and co-ordination. Member growers from all over the country are taking their contributions to regional hubs from where they are being transported to London. We are beyond excited and can’t wait to see what the volunteers create to show off all these fabulous flowers.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible and good luck to those building the exhibit.