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October 2018 – In the poly tunnel

Dahlia 'Thomas A Edison'
Dahlia ‘Thomas A Edison’

We can no longer pretend it’s still summer. The days are shorter, mornings are misty with a real nip in the air and we have had a touch of frost. October in the poly tunnel is a time to look back and plan ahead for next year’s flowers.

Photo opportunities are always available in Autumn. This was early one morning.

Misty view - October 2018

I promise you there is absolutely no editing here, this is exactly how the camera captured the morning. (We don’t always have a Bell tent in the garden, it is supposedly drying).

Poly tunnel in October

It’s a time of looking back and planning ahead. It’s important to assess what has gone well, or badly, and when it’s time to take a crop out and replace.  Zinnia, Rudbekia and Cosmos are valuable late flowers.

Tomatoes are growing in the poly tunnel, as well as flowers, and it’s hard taking them out while there are still tomatoes ripening.  Often there are tomatoes up until November.

Tomato 'Lumpy Red'
Tomato ‘Lumpy Red’


Trays and trays of seedlings are growing in preparation for next year. The trays of tiny plants are squeezed in here so the tomatoes and flowers get a reprieve for a few more weeks.

Seedlings in poly tunnel

The seedlings  of some hardy annuals will be tucked in here for the winter. They will taking advantage of the warmth and be somewhat protected from the cold and the wind which can be more damaging. Growth will slow down and watering will be minimal during cold snaps The plants will just be waiting to take off when the weather warms up in the Spring. This means the best chance of early flowers. Some will be planted inside and later sowings outside for a succession.

There are also bulbs to go in the ground, inside and out. Thankfully Tulips shouldn’t be planted until November so there should be some more space by then.