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Creamy Chrysanthemums

3rd November – Planting and clearing.

28th October ~ A dramatic change in the weather means cold feet and hands while working outside. Very low overnight temperatures but the dahlias seem to have survived so far. The sun barely made it out today so little warmth.

Good progress in clearing weeds from Annie’s bed. Resowing a few seeds of things which have not germinated. The low temperatures have prompted sudden germination in a few pots. Fluctuation is apparently good for some seeds.

29th October ~ Moving straw to cover the cleared area. Almost cleared from the tarpaulin which I was not supposed to have used for this and which is probably ruined!

Finally a bit of space in the shed where dried heads have been stored. I’ve been able to move bundles on. It’s too damp now in the shed for storage.

30th October ~ Warmer. Trying to keep up with the pricking out but run out of compost.

31st October ~ Planting out some Foxglove ‘Cafe Creme’. Plants have been poised for planting for about a month. Area needing to be cleared first and some German Sea Lavender moved into better rows. German Sea Lavender sown last year, overwintered and planted out but no flowers. Hopeful for next year, they are such lovely flowers.

1st November ~ Gutted to have rotting Anemone corms. They have been soaked for too long and compost kept too damp and cold. Possibly using Perlite on it’s own or in the compost is the answer. Managed to salvage a few. Lesson learnt.

2nd November ~ Slowly managing to clear cutting beds. Some areas covered in weeds. Prefer to weed first and then cover to ensure weeds are killed off but this is more time consuming. There is not really a rush.

3rd November ~ Finishing removing turf from the extension to the front bed. Help speeded the job along and motivated. Ready for moving and planting now! Sense of achievement.

Putting benches back into Poly Tunnel ready for seedling trays. Pricking out means they all take up more space.

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