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Misty morning

25th October ~ Endings

21st October ~ Anemone corms have tiny rootlets appearing. I only know that as I was worried about them and dug them up. Difficult to keep them at the right temperature and dampness. Removing more turf. It comes up easily as the ground is damp but not soggy.

22nd October ~ Let loose in another garden cutting foliage for a funeral tribute. It’s always inspiring to visit another garden and this one has many mature shrubs and fruit trees and must be a haven for wildlife.

Planted some Hazel cuttings down in the bottom corner and hope it’s third time lucky to establish some Hazel bushes.

24th October ~ Sorting out the dried flowers and trying to make some kind of inventory. Most look good with great colour in Statice and Larkspur. Hanging in the loft was perfect for drying though it may have tried the patience of other family members. Most is now boxed and ready for sale. The shed is now too damp for storage.

25th October ~ Using up the last of the greenhouse cucumbers. That’s all now until next summer. Still have tomatoes in the poly tunnel. One is a late maturing variety so hopes for that to last a while.

Continuous rain all day. Removing Zinnias from poly tunnel. They have mildew so are useless cut now though still trying to flower. Cutting down Orlaya. Many seeds have fallen so hoping for self seeders.

26th October ~ Frost

Making good progress in weeding the Eucalyptus bed or Annie’s Border as it’s going to be called. Several plants there came from Annie as plants or cuttings. Knee high weeds – grass and creeping buttercup. It’s easy to tell where it was weeded in the summer and the part at the back which was never finished. It’s much more of a job there with denser weeds. Covering with straw collected from the stables. Small amount of manure in it but not much.

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