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Apples and cobwebs

25th August ~ Lessons to learn

20th August ~ I’ve cut bunches and bunches of Atriplex, Straw flowers and Limonium for drying. Each time I cut it means a climb up the ladder to the loft where we have ropes strung across for drying. Tomorrow Eryngium and Pink Pokers.

21st August ~ I cut down the sweet peas in the poly tunnel. They’d stopped flowering a few weeks ago but I wanted to save some seed. I should have taken them down sooner as I think they’ve been shading the tomatoes. Next year plant in a different orientation. They were such tiny, weedy plants when they were planted, I never believe they will grow so tall or last so long.

22nd August ~ feeding the dahlias. I started well planting them with blood, fish and bone plus compost in the hole and then was feeding once a week with seaweed feed. The plants (mostly) look good and healthy but they’ll appreciate it if I keep feeding. I use seaweed or Comfrey concentrate.

23rd August ~ Cobweb in the face day.

24th August ~ Planning ahead for a funeral spray this week. I’ve made a ‘pocket’ out of chicken wire and string to stuff with moss. It will be a cuboid when it’s stuffed and sewn up, similar in shape to to a floral foam block. I never use floral foam and this will work in just the same way after soaking – holding the stems in place and hydrating them.

25th August ~ Day off visiting Ston Easton Park. Gorgeous gardens with enviable vegetables. As well as box edged beds there are huge green houses filled to the brim with tomatoes, cucurbits and chillis. We weren’t allowed entry but it would have been steamy hot inside. We could only peer in the doors in wonderment. Coffee in the beautiful and relaxed hotel overlooking the gardens and river.

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